All offshore Helidecks should be inspected and certified on a regular basis - normally every 1 or 2 years.

No Inspection, and therefore No Certificate, may lead to:

  • Culpable liability in the event of a helideck incident or accident
  • No Insurance payout
  • The Helicopter Operator refusing to fly to/from the deck

Furthermore the inspection itself should be carried out by a reputable and qualified third-party agency.

The use of in-house staff or external, unqualified parties will mean:

  • Sub-standard inspections and non-detection of vital non compliances
  • Zero practical help and advice with resolving any findings
  • Non acceptance of the Certificate by Reputable Operators
  • Failure of the certification to withstand rigorous legal scrutiny in the event of an accident

In African waters there is often a Regulatory vacuum when it comes to this vital and safety-critical discipline.
This puts the onus squarely on the Oil & Gas Operators to ensure adherence to a globally accepted standard.

So, accepting that an inspection is essential, how do you differentiate between qualified and unqualified certification agencies?

Is it possible to obtain a professional Helideck without importing inspectors from Europe or Asia – with all the added hassle, delays and expense?

HC-A was established to address all of these issues.

Located in South Africa, we offer Helideck Inspections based on the global UKCAA CAP 437 and IOGP standards. Our inspectors are all seasoned aviation professionals with IOGP and Aviation Risk Management credentials, who have been formally trained through an approved training facility. Helideck Certification-Africa is ISO9001:2015 certified - ensuring our clients of the highest level of Quality Management Systems in all our operations.

Our local service means:

  • Regional knowledge and experience
  • Much quicker response time and far greater flexibility
  • Fewer visa complications and logistical problems
  • Far less travel and therefore significantly less cost
  • Fees up to 40% cheaper than the few companies of comparable quality

 Our existing “blue chip” clients chose HC-A for all of the above reasons but also for the personal assistance and guidance we offer after the inspection.

Our service is distinguished by on-going feedback, advice and education, ensuring that you don’t only achieve certification, but also remain abreast of an ever-evolving element of our industry.

HC-A guarantees you incomparable quality and value.

To book your inspection and receive a quote contact us – we are standing by to assist.