Offshore heli refuelling

Offshore heli Refuelling training now online!

Cost of the online training: USD 900 pp.

OPITO now requires the Heli Refuelling certification as part of the overall HLO certification. In additon, UKCAA CAP 437 now requires all crew members involved in heli refuelling to be certified.

The HLO is responsible for all offshore heli refuelling activities. Together with the HDA's, the HLO must ensure that all refuelling equipment is maintained in good condition and certified accordingly. Standard procedures during refuelling must be strictly adhered to and crew members must be highly aware of required activities during any refuelling potential emergency.

The aim and objectives of the Offshore Heli Refuelling Training are to ensure that the entire refuelling process, from design phase to completion of each refuelling operation, is carried out as a well-planned, controlled and systematic operation by all concerned parties, to ensure maximum safety standards are maintained during the entire operation.

Who should attend this course?

All HLO's and HDA's should complete the Offshore Heli Refuelling training as they will be required to work as a team during refuelling operations.

What are the benefits for the attendees?

  • The Offshore Heli Refuelling certification will confirm compliance with ofshore regulations.
  • By working as a team, the HLO and HDA's will ensure maximum safety standards during the refuelling operations
  • Increased safety levels of all helideck operations.
  • Enhanced reputation and minimised exposure to risk for the operatng company.

What does the course cover?

This one-day certified course, which fully complies with UKCAA CAP 437 Edition 8 December 2016 Amendment 01/2018 September 2018 provides any crew member who may be involved with offshore heli refuelling, including the procedures and documenation, the knowledge to carry out the refuelling process in a controlled and well-organised manner, ensuring maximum safety standards during the hazardous operation.

More specifically the course includes, but is not limited to:

  • Legal references to Heli Offshore Refuelling
  • The fuel system description
  • Design considerations
  • Fuel types
  • Static storage tanks
  • Delivery systems
  • Transfer systems
  • Transit tanks
  • Helicopter Maintenance and fuelling procedures:
    • Sampling
    • Maintenance schedules
    • Inspections
    • Aircraft refuelling
    • Safety Considerations
    • Quality control documentation

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