Offshore meteorological weather interpretation (OMWIT)

OMWIT courses are arranged as per client's request or available online: Contact us to arrange a time that suits you either in Pretoria or Cape Town or to arrange enrolment to the online training. Alternatively we can arrange for the training to be completed at your venue. Discount rates may be arranged for groups of 4 or more candidates.

For more information contact us : or call +27 (0) 83 263 4439

Cost of the one-day course: USD 650 (incl.) pp.

UKCAA CAP 437 Edition 8 December 2016 Amendment 01/2018 September 2018 now requires that every crew member involved in weather reporting must have completed the OMWIT training.

The aim and objectives of the OMWIT training are to ensure that accurate weather reports and interpretations are given to the helicopter pilot to ensure maximum safe landing and take-off conditions.

Who should attend this course?

Any HLO, HDA, Radio operator or crew member involved in weather reporting.

What are the benefits for attendees?

  • The OMWIT certification will confirm compliance with offshore regulations
  • Crew members will have confidence in reporting and interpreting immediate and pending weather conditions
  • Increased safety levels of all helideck operations
  • Enhanced reputation and minimised exposure to risk for the operating company

What does the course cover?

This one-day certified course, which fully complies with UKCAA CAP 437 Edition 8 2016 Amendment 01/2018 September 2018, provides any crew member who may be involved with offshore weather interpretation and reporting, the ability to accurately judge, report and document immediate and pending offshore weather conditions, including the ability to read and understand the digital instruments used for offshore weather reporting.

More specifically, the course includes, but is not limited to:

  • Legal references for offshore weather interpretation and reporting
  • Understanding meteorological equipment
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Air Temperature and Dew Point Temperature
  • QNH and QNF
  • Cloud amount and height
  • Precipitation
  • Visibility

Contact us to arrange a date and venue that will suit you! or or call +27 (0) 83 263 4439